Amber Joseph

Cycling for Barbados

About me

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About me

I am an elite track cyclist, riding internationally for Barbados based in the UK & Switzerland.

I have just entered the Senior UCI ranks on the spring board of a UCI Junior ranking of 3rd for Omnium and Points Race and after a tough 1st year against some of the Worlds top riders I was delighted to qualify for the 2019 World Championships in Poland. With a pleasing 7th and 11th in the Worlds, I have finished my first senior track season ranked 3rd in the UCI world rankings for the Scratch and ranked top-10 for the Points Race. I am now looking forwards to the World Championships 2020 and 2021 as well as the Commonwealth Games 2022.


My Speciality

I competed as a track sprinter and keirin rider before switching to the 4-­event endurance Omnium. My strength remains the ability to deliver a very high speed finish, but now within endurance events.

You can see me here, contesting the final 500m in the World Championship Points Race 2019.

Representing Barbados


Representing Barbados

After working my way through the British Cycling ranks in the UK, I realised that my heart lies with my beautiful birthplace of Barbados.

So as a first year junior I switched my UCI affiliations to Barbados, my first international debut was at the Junior Pan-American track Championships where I got a silver medal in the omnium. As a second year junior, I competed in the Junior World Track Championships  and Junior Pan-American Track Championships, becoming Junior Pan-American Points race champion and taking silver in the Omnium.

I have now qualified to compete in World Cup and World Championship events for Barbados and I intend to make an impact for my small Nation.  My major hurdle in the last 24 months and in the years ahead has been the limited sport funding available to a small nation like Barbados.  Equipment support and competition costs remain the major obstacle in competing on an even banking with the bigger nations.